Android: Updating You App – New Version

September 27, 2012

Now that the first version of my application is in the Play Store, i have started thinking on how i can improve on it and what i will need to have in Version 2.0

One of the things that bothered me with version 1 was that the data of my app was stored in the app and that made the app static

I decided to store the app data in the cloud and make my app dynamic

  • Created a Data Model for my application and mapped it to “Class” / “Table” in Parse
  • I stored data in the parse cloud – created CSV files with the data and use the CSV File Import in Parse
  • Updated the application to use the Parse Android API to do queries and retrieve the data from Parse. Check my blog entry on Android and Parse / First Parse Application to get more details. I am including a code snippet here that shows the usage of the Parse API

ParseQuery query = new ParseQuery(“VrChildrenContent”);
query.whereEqualTo(“ContentGroupName”, cartoonName);

try {
contentList = query.find();

} catch (ParseException e) {


I am not yet ready to deploy the second version, i may have some more enhancements to do. Once i am ready – I will also describe the process of changing the manifest to specify the new version no: etc.

BTW – Before I started changing code in my app, i created a copy of the app in eclipse and renamed it to VrChildren_v10, so i can go back to the deployed v1.0 at at anytime.