Android: Publishing your Application

September 24, 2012
  • Export your application from Eclipse. It requires you to create a KeyStore and Key to sign your application. Eclipse guides you through the process – thought i faced a few challenges that are known and documented here. [ The certificate that signed this apk is not valid until the future. Create a new certificate  – Changes I had to make: 1. make the certificate valid for at-least 27 years” and 2. Need to set back my computer clock like a day and then retry again, I am not sure why i had to do this though :), but it worked …..

Export Android App for Deployment

  • Once you have exported the application, you need to publish it using Google Play. Prior to doing that you will have to register [Pay $25 using Google Wallet] and get access to the Google Play Android Developer Connection which will be your console for app control and publishing.  Click Here for Detailed Instructions to Publish Your Application.