Challenges with using a Cloud Based Solution

September 29, 2012

With all the discussion around Cloud, sometimes you don’t realize the challenges till they hit you

My entire app is now useless because it relies on data from the Parse Cloud ….., But you cannot build and deploy apps without such a cloud infrastructure – need to balance the pros and cons.

Cloud Infrastructure Down



Service Model to Deployment Model Mapping

June 19, 2012

The following figure shows how the various deployment models map to the various service models in Cloud computing

Cloud Deployment Models

June 19, 2012


  1. Public Cloud: Cloud environment that provides resources to individuals and organizations over the public internet.
  2. Private Cloud: Cloud environment operated solely for a single organization, whether managed internally or by a third-party and hosted internally or externally.
  3. Hybrid Cloud: Cloud environment is a composition of two or more clouds (private, community, or public) that remain unique entities but are bound together by standardized or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability.
  4. Community Cloud: Cloud environment shared by several organizations and supports a specific community that has shared concerns.

Cloud Service Models – IaaS vs. PaaS vs. SaaS

June 19, 2012

The following picture shows a very clear definition of and differences between the various Cloud Service Models